I was blessed to have Max and Millie.

This is my buddy Max. I rescued him from the pound in January of 1999, and this is his first day at home.

He was not very big at all.

March 1999 - Max and I rescued Millie. I had a cat, and Max had a cat. Millie was as timid as Max was outgoing. Here they enjoy a copy of Workbench magazine.

Being a cat is hard work and requires plenty of rest.

Max demonstrates his favorite Yoga pose. As of January 2000, he was up to 18 pounds and had to start a diet.

Millie lived until March 20, 2013. Max kept going.

Summer 2014 - a tired cat with kidneys that were starting to get tired. Parts of his gray fur started to turn rust-colored.

February, 2017. Hayes Barton Animal Hospital staff worked hard and often to help him continue to enjoy life. He became a frequent customer in fall 2015. In spite of his age, he was still playful, interested, and social. But he needed more naps.

Mid-September, still hanging in there, but just about finished living. His purr was happy, but tired.

Max lived until September 21, 2017 - almost 19 years old. What a blessing to have him for so long. Thank you Lord!