On June 18, 2001 I launched my Bolger Nymph. Because I started building the boat on Easter Sunday, I decided naturally to name her "April 15, 2001." Fearing ridicule, I instead went with my second choice: "Easter."

I built "Easter" to use as a dinghy, so I didn’t bother with the sailing rig. She has the same color scheme as my Martha Jane - white bottom, black boot, green sides, white topsides, and yellow trim. The bow and stern transoms are also white. I made the seats and oars yellow. For framing material, I used 3/4" yellow pine boards that I originally had used as temporary supports while building my Martha Jane.

You can buy plans for a Nymph from Dynamite Payson: www.instantboats.com

This was a relaxing and easy project so I don't have any building comments or suggestions.

Raleigh, NC has several splendid little lakes around town, and today I went to one of my favorites just up the road from my house, intending to go for a maiden voyage. Once there I found out that it is against the law to row your own boat in Raleigh. (You can row a boat that you rent from the city.) I suppose it is time for me to get involved in local politics. I digress. Anyway, I found a private pond, Lake Lynn, launched the boat, and had a wonderful time. I handed my digital camera to a complete stranger, and rowed away while he took the photos that appear below. You can do that sort of thing in Raleigh - he was still there when I rowed back for the camera.

I feel like I need to move the oarlocks aft 6 inches (so that they are 2' 2" from the top of the transom). That is my only intended change at this point.


I am sitting in a comfortable rowing position with the oarlocks 2' 8" from the top of the stern transom. Note that the bow is down - she wants to wiggle all over the place.


I slid about 6" aft - she rows easier and tracks easier - so I will move the oarlocks aft as this is not a very comfortable rowing position.

A stern shot with me slid 6" aft.


June 19 I moved the oarlocks aft and took the boat for a two hour test row on Lake Wheeler just south of Raleigh. There it IS legal to row your own boat. Professor Payson is right - it rows like a Cadillac.


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Mike Stockstill