Brick plans are sold by Common Sense Boats and by Phil Bolger & Friends, Inc.


The first thing you have to do is study the plans.


Brushing on the epoxy one hot and muggy Carolina evening. The brush made the epoxy thicker than necessary - next time I used rollers or a squeegee.

Fastening it together.


I built my Brick and almost immediately decided that it was too heavy for what I wanted it to do - mainly to go over my head with my effort alone. So I sawed off the bottom and used it to build my Elegant Punt. Since the boat was already epoxy coated, I used one of the sides to support a pile of clay in my cellar. The remaining side is yet to be used, but I'll find something good purpose for it.

Brick as described by CSB:

Brick as built by a chap named Matt:

Matt's Brick as described in Messing Around in Boats:

Gregg Carlson's Brick:


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