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Roof assembly

I sat and drank a lot of coffee while trying to figure out the best way to lay out the roof with the least amount of plywood. I ended up fitting the roof from the back to the front. Since I had added some 3/4" stock to the forward face of the inner bulkheads, I was able to join the frames there without a butt strap in the ceiling. I left room to add a 1/2" coaming / roof reinforcement on the back.

Fitting the back panels first. Note that the sides are in place, but only temporarily so using screws. This is the starboard side.

The port side.

Next came the middle section - I used a 4' wide sheet of plywood, and this piece runs from the middle of the aft (G) frame to just aft of the forward house end (K).


The narrow front section is at the bottom of the page. Since the front and middle sections do not meet at a frame, I'll chamfer all four meeting edges and add lots of epoxy and tape.


All panels from the port quarter.


All panels from the starboard quarter.

All roof panels are screwed in place temporarily - I will take them back off to sand, epoxy, and maybe even paint on the underside.

TO COME - epoxy coating, gluing, glasssing.

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