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Hardware Details - the Original Design


Stainless steel - the two outside pieces attach to the tabernacles, and the two inside pieces attach to the mast. The long bolt allows the mast assembly to pivot.

Hinges for the rudder assembly - I deviated slightly from the plans so that the cost would be lower and there would be less maintenance involved (keeping tiny clearances clean would be a problem). The revised design does not use this assembly, featuring instead twin transom rudders. Since I had already purchased the hardware by the time the upgrade was published, I decided to stay with the original rudder plan.


Rudder post and bearings.

Rudder post and bearing detail - here I deviated from the plans. The original plans call for the bolt to bear directly on the bearing - instead we added a collar to go around the post, and the bolt goes through a hole in the collar. The collar bears against the bearing, thereby smoothing the action a bit.

Braces for attaching the tiller to the rudder.


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