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Frame construction

All of the frames are made of 1/2" plywood, and are attached via the Payson 'tack and tape' technique. I found that while handling the frames during the prep period, I needed some extra thickness on the top, so I added a piece of 3/4" yellow pine stock to the forward face of the long top edge.

I started with the forward end of house (K), shaping the underside to match the crown of the deck, and fastening the forward face with galvanized deck screws to the deck stringers (19). Then came lots of epoxy fillets.


This is the view standing on the bow facing aft. The windshield is visible at the bottom of the photo. My working mess is visible throughout.

Port side looking aft.

Starboard side looking aft - detail of 1" x 3" reinforcing strap (N).

Forward face of cabin after bulkhead (G2).

Port side cabin after bulkhead, web frame (G), and house top fastening frame (E).

View from the aft end of the boat.

I really need to tidy up a bit.

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