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Suitable for live-aboard or extended cruising




The custom bimini offers a welcome respite from sun and rain.


The deck area is spacious, offering many handholds and many areas for solid footing. The seatbacks in the cockpit contain long storage areas.


 The stern lockers are spacious and easily accessible. This is a view into the port locker.


Forward settee bunk with the starboard storeroom. Note the cavernous storage space, the detailed stenciling on the walls, and the electric fan - one of several on the boat.


Forward, looking aft. Note how the bulkhead arrangement allows for more privacy by dividing the space into separate rooms.


Aft, looking forward. One of Wizard's customizations can be seen on the right. The original design called for a two-person settee in the office. Instead, Wizard offers a full-length settee, suitable for a berth.


Forward desk in the office. The breakers are located in the black box to the right. Note the 12-volt fan on the wall.


Sister ship

The original boat built to this design is named "Loose Moose II" and currently resides in St. Thomas. The boat was owner built, and then they sailed it across the ocean from France. Loose Moose II. This design is a proven ocean worthy vessel. There is a more in-depth discussion of the history of this design in "Boats with an open Mind" by Phil Bolger".

WoodenBoat magazine comments

WoodenBoat magazine October 1993 #114 discusses the merits of a sharpie design, and made some specific comments on the sister ship.


Similar boats

The sailing sharpie is a very popular design. It offers stability, safety, maneuverability, style, room, and speed. The Square Boats web site lists several along with great pictures. The AS-19 and AS-29 listed are close cousins to the AS-39.

"Instant Boats" design method

"Wizard" was built by a professional builder using the "Instant Boats" technique. The technique takes advantage of the strength obtained through bending plywood gracefully over strong bulkheads. This technique reduces the intensity of the boat building labor costs, and results in more boat for the dollar spent.

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